Want to join a clan Bo2 Xbox 360, kd is 1.60 lvl 35

Black Ops II Xbox 360

My GT is Shadow EnVy 00 add me if u want to play or if i can join your clan im lvl 35 my KD is 1.60 and i just started but i have played before

I have a mic and i play core/hardcore TDM i can also play Search & Destroy

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Hey dude whats up.  I just was looking around on here and saw you were looking for a clan to join and I was wondering if you might want to join my community, KSI Global.  We are just a gaming community where people can come in and meet new people and just have fun.  Only requirements we have are 500 gs and 20 friends.  If this sounds interesting to you or you want to learn more info, hit me up on xbox.  My gamer tag is KSIxxr3b3l.

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i wish to join

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addme manbearpiq666

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