What is the best gun in black ops 2 multiplayer

Black Ops II Xbox 360

I would think either the pdw msmc or the mp7 but I havnt been doing good with them ever since the game was patched about 2 months ago

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Probably the QBB lmg or the Executioner.

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Hey dude don't diss my executioner! One of the best guns in the game. I have 1600 kills with it.

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I also forgot to mention the M1216.

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Is it bad that all three of the weapons you mentioned are in my top 5 for kills?

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You'll get a million different answers to this one including the old "whatever works best for you" fall back. What I will say is that I believe this game has the most balanced selection of weapons in CoD history. For me at least that translates to them all being good, in the right hands and right situation.

Having said that, my top three re: kills are:


2. MP7

3. PDW


4. M8A1

5. AN94

6. FAL

Even 6 down the list I have 3,333 kills with the FAL for a decent spread of use. The gun I have the most fun using is the KSG as I believe it takes more "finesse" to post decent numbers and it is much more connection dependent than some others.

Pistols are also fun and the best they've been IMHO.

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Most OP class is

FAL with Stock + Red dot

Akimbo Kap-40/B23R

Ghost and flakjacket



This depends on if you are very accurate and have a fast trigger finger and you need a solid connection.

Other powerful classes are MSMC with quickdraw, the Skorpian dominates at close quarters for game types like hardpoint and KC and when keeping distance M8A1 is very accurate and powerful but again you need to be confident with your accuracy

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I'd go with the M8A1. Too many differing opinions here. It shoots four rounds per burst, and has a short burst delay in between bursts. It has the fastest ttk, and is very accurate.

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There is no best gun overall. Everyone has different play styles. Theres best guns to suit peoples play styles and reactions. I personally love the m8 due to me having fast reactions and being a caucious player. But I wouldn't say its the best gun in the game, I would say its the best gun in the game for me!

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This is true.  I doubt anyone would argue that the MTAR is the best gun; but my default class uses the MTAR w/ Quickdraw and Stock as my favorite all-purpose gun, good at nearly any range.

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