What is the best gun in black ops 2 multiplayer

Black Ops II Xbox 360

It depends on whose hands said gun is in.

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Depends on your playstyle, doesn't it? Personally, I go for guns with a high rate of fire, because I'm relatively slow and not a good shot. But for a sniper (although all of the maps I've played are terrible for sniping) I go for high damage (and silencer), because I don't have time for more than one shot usually.

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A million people will I've you a million and one answers.

Play with what's best for you and suits your play style

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Depends on your playstlye, i like rushing and staying near the enemy so my best gun is the msmc. But if im caught in a long range gun fight with say a swat, i'll esaily lose. No gun is definitively tthe best

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Fal, SCAR or Chicom are probably my favourite guns.

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I gotta go with the an 94

When playing solo

Rds, stock and silencer

With flak jacket, toughness and dexterity

With a tac-45

When playing with people take out the silencer for fmj

Burst firing those long shots is so easy

Prefer it to any smg besides on overflow where I pull out the mp7 with long barrel, QuickDraw and fast mags

I can't use the msmc iron sights for medium distance shots. The mp7 is so much easier for me

The best gun to use for league is definitely the m8

Playing in pubs 6v6 its way to hard to jump shot and drop shot with that just gets me killed.

But playing league 4v4 its so much easier to dominate with that gun

And man I must say fmj is so under rated

Everybody head glitches and having fmj just destroys them so easy

Way better to use on an ar that sacrifice using an lmg and moving slow

Can't go wrong with an ar in this game considering it can dominate at mid range compared to smg and even close range, the average pub players aim is so bad you can take them out using an ar that has minimal recoil

Just my 2 cents

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The crossbow is the best gun in the game.  It has faster handling than a sniper rifle and the same range.  Also, unlike all those recently nerfed snipers, the crossbow always kills in one hit to any part of the body.  You can shoot the bad gun in the feet and he is still screwed.

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