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Today and yesterday I have played ops 2 all day.  I got so frustrated at the fact I kept on getting killed so quick even with my rifle drawn going around corners.  Its aggravating considering my internet is fast.  My kd is great at about 1.36 on over 33000 kills.  My question is why is it that people are putting up 35-4 kills in a room with players that are k/d over 1 or so.   I cant figure out why a pistol hits me from 100 ft and kills me.  Why a guy can run around with a shotgun killing me out in the open not even looking at me.  Some players I know are good but when im drawn first while they are running i shoot before they draw and i die its pretty aggravating. I played another game where they respawned me right by the enemy side 4 times in the same game and respawned into lightning strikes twice.  I like competition but i hate the fact that some people some how manage to shoot me with out even looking at me or i die when my weapons up.  I even played regular core and i hate it.  I shot a guy 8 times and he didnt die luckily i got in 6 more shots for him to die.  Most people die after getting shot twice.

I hope the next call of duty takes this game to a new level.  I like this one especially graphics but they need to fix in game content.

Such as pistols killing you from long distances shotguns too and even the sub guns.  Half of those dont shoot far in life

Instead of having core they should just make it hard core shot 2 times from far away dead. 1 time up close dead  headshots dead sniperkills dead

How bout a vest protecting from blast  yeah right blow the legs off  the vest should be used for protecting againt a few bullets instead

How about quickscoping.  Can anyone do that in real life up to 500 yrs?

How about throwing grenades people seem to be able to throw those 300 ft 1. Wouldnt it explode first and 2 how many people can throw that far?

People running- now perks help yes but people run all around the game racking up kills without dying. Sprinting through a firefight will most likely get you killed

Whos ever been killed by a riot shield?   Keep the riot shield just dont ask for it to be used like a weapon

Sniping-  snipers should be able to obtain a guilley suit or something to blend in to snipe.

Camping was better on this not as many but on games where its needed there isnt any advantage.

Hardpoint  figure out a way to change that up so no one can memorize the naps

Spawning- it sucks on this game

People on your own team killing you and stilling your care package

Love ops 2  imaging but fix all this stuff please.

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All your queries would of been answered

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Well I'll just throw my opinion ou on a few of your points...

1. As for pistols killing you from a distance, well try using a pistol as your only weapon and going for those long shots, it ain't easy. I play core mostly and you have to be accurate as hell and land quite a few shots to kill. When my shot is on and I can pull off longer shots with a pistol I'm happy knowing I got a great kill that the enemy should be ashamed that they got outgunned at that range by a pistol when they watch the killcam.

As for shotguns, I don't think their range is that crazy and I normally only lose to one head on in close quarters. The KSG has some crazy range, but anyone that has used it knows you have to be a surgeon to hit with that thing sometimes!

Pistols in hardcore getting long range kills... Well, when I first played hardcore it didn't take me long to start using pistols, they allow you to move quicker, pull up your gun quicker etc etc. but like everything else, not everyone can pull off the shots with them. I am only an average player by the way, but using the handguns as primaries working for camos on them helped me play the maps smarter and be more accurate.

2. There is already a hardcore mode, no reason the entire game should be hardcore only, I think the majority of the player base plays core, though I am not sure on those numbers. Either way, would seem silly to take out a very popular game mode, when there is already a hardcore.

3. Then a lot of your points can be summed up by saying it is a video game, not real life. They could change the mechanics, but I think most of it works together in a balanced way. For every offence there is a counter defence etce etc

4. Hard point is a very tactical game because the hard points are in the same locations on the same rotation. You need to get map and spawn control in order to control the hard point effectively. This involves having good knowledge of the map and its spawns and players that can use that to their advantage. Get your team a good spawn and they can flood the hard point to either hold it or break it, rotate well at the right time to get early control or break the next hard point quickly etc etc. the way hard point is set up allows for strategy, rather than running around like a headless chicken trying to figure out where the next hard point is... It combines gun skill and strategy.

5. Yes the spawning does suck. I pretty much take every spawn assuming I may be getting spawn camped and play my way out accordingly. But it really isn't that often I come across a team that can really control the spawns to make it near impossible to do. It could definitely be better, but once again good map knowledge can help, not only to make sure you don't get killed off spawn but also so you can kill enemies on spawn...getting hit by lightning strikes, hunter killers when you spawn is real sucky timing though.

6. People on your own team killing you for your care package is one good reason not to play hardcore, or to use a care package, run a different score streak maybe!

And I am just posting this to give you an alternate view on your opinions, in many ways I agree with what you are saying, but it is a video game, and as such is predictable in how it works, for the most part... How good of a connection you have is still key to winning those gun battles in the situations you are describing, and when I lose those kinds of situations I am left scratching my head too. I endeavour to take routes that get me behind enemies as often as possible, a lot easier to win those gun fights!

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