Whats the highest legit KDR you have seen in BO2?

Black Ops II Xbox 360

I did decent with it, but once I got select fire it became a beast for me.

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the highest ive seen so far is 4.6 , his gamertag is " hot sauce v2"... but hes an absolutely terrible player. with a horrendous w/l ratio. Ive ran into him multiple times in the last 3 cod's ( black ops 1, mw3 and bo2) and hes never won a single match against me... He plays domination 90% of the time, and just sits in corners not helping his team what so ever.. He has a high KD in every single COD, but the lowest SPM ive probably ever encountered... I believe his SPM in Bo2 is around 140... Ive played him once so far in BO2.. and he spent an entire game camped in the corner in domination and went 4-1 for an entire game ( his 1 death being from me, as i heard him reloading in a corner as i was running by and i turned on him)....

People like the guy above, prove that a high KD, does not mean a high skill level

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Last week I ran into a guy that was prestige 10 and I looked at his combat record and his KDR was like 9.27 something of that sort. I was like WHAT? I reported him and what was funny while we was playing I killed him a few times and he invited me to a xbox live chat which I didnt accept cause I figured he would just say something that would probably anger me

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For me i went 37-4 on team deathmatch lol

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I just about did this once.

I was 25-1 with a sentry and stealth chopper. Then I died 4 times in a row to a combination of hunter drones and lightning strikes. I was disappointed when I ended 27-6

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I've never actually looked at another player's KDR while playing the game.  I play mostly Domination so KDR is not something I pay heed to anyhow - it's all about caps and defends.  Finished a game on Hijacked the other day and my whole team finished negative (not by much) but the other team had 3 guys who all finished with 2-3 KDR with 2 flag caps while the others on their team finished badly negative because they were trying their asses off to actually win.

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I have never seen a player with a KDR above 2.4 that wasnt in a party.  I play almost exclusively alone, and my KDR is at 2.03 and still rising quite well, it was only like 1.5 less than a week ago. IMO players that play in ground war with a party can never take pride in there KDR. Its so easy to stomp pugs in ground war with a party.  If you use the MSMC your also garbage. My best perfect match was 51/0, I was sooooo close like literally 10 points from my next warship when I was 61/0, but ended the match 68/3.

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well are we talking solely on xbox, or on other platforms (i mainly ask due to pc) as well?

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I know that my friend has a 4.0K/D on the Wii U.  He says that if he reset his stats he could get it around a 6.0.  He plays in Moshpit and has like a ~600 SPM.

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A real legit kd is 1.30 to 1.60 anything higher us both legit its just the way the game is no matter hue fast you shoot you can't help dying because of maps guns etc

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