Whats the highest legit KDR you have seen in BO2?

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Mine is legit, 1.19!  No camping, no parties..solo player.  Run n gun, mostly TDM, KC and FFA.  I'll mindlessly run and grab tags..thats the point of the game...but I do normally go 20-30 kills and 20-30 KC.  I slow it down a bit in TDM, and a bit more when I play objective based games.  I had a 2.14 in BLOPS...but the last 2 games I have pretty much figured out that the game is geared to making it even.  I think some above average players have been brought down a peg while maybe some below average have been brought up a bit.  So with this game, I could care less about KD now.  Just have fun. 

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KD doesnt really matter anymore.. i used to care but now i just TRY to have some fun sniping and getting ridiculously stupid kills.

Plus, in this game you can just reset your stats once you find your gun/rythem/whatever so its much to easy to boost it.

But i have had K/Ds in the 4s and 5s with w/l in the double digits.

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I have a legit 2.8 kdr but I think the highest Ive ever seen is my buddies 4.91 kdr, no hacks, nothing. And on console too. Hes extremely good at the game. Honestly a lot of high kd's youll find on this game are fake, but you can tell when theyre real. Look at their gun kd's and if they average out to their actual KD its probably real. My #1 tip to getting a high kd in bo2 is DO NOT PUSH, even when you think you should, wait 4 more seconds. #2 use the AN-94 quickdraw, stock, fore grip, or SCAR-H quickdraw, stock, suppressed. Youll find you destroy people with those class setups

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I was trying to look up peoples stats for bo4, and ran into this thread. It’s ridiculously old, I know. I feel that kd and score per minute both play a crucial role to determining how a player is. I’ve seen people with 2.0 kds with nearly a 500 spm on tdm do work towards high kd players. I’ve seen a 5.0 kd kids get slapped by 1.5 kd kids. Generally the higher the kd, the lower the spm. It’s just very unlikely to slay 5-6 kids on average each death if you’re rushing hard. I ran a 6.7 on tdm, which was about 90% solo. My win loss ratio sucked because I had to drop 45-50 kills a game to win (okay, that was exaggerated, I would have to drop at least 25 kills with fewer than 5 deaths though), out of the total 75 kills cap. My spm was a little over 300. The new bo4 that has come out feels similar, imo, to bo2 gameplay. I decided to play a bit more aggressive, and I’m usually averaging around a 450-500 spm with a 4.00-4.50 kd. I enjoy running hardpoint and control, since they’re a lot more aggressive play style than tdm, and the kids are generally better. But all in all, I would have to say 80/20 stats matter/don’t matter. I feel some peoples gameplay counter others, like rock, paper, and scissors. And honestly, if you want to become better, watch footage of pros playing. It may be boring as @$@&, sure, but I’ve found watching routes being ran, headglitches you didn’t know about, etc, can help emensly. My ex gf would watch me play bo2 a lot (I’m lame, right?), and she had an average .8 tdm kd. Brought it to a little over a 2.0 (I helped with a few games, I won’t lie). Anyways, that’s all my tidbit, thankkkkssss

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I have a 254 KDR with the executioner. I also have 15000 kills with it. I have above a 10KDR with all pistols exept the Kap40. I have like 10000+ kills with every gun in bo2 exept the kap40 and the last sniper I think. I was legit played 14 sensitivity and played search most of the time. I got the KDR up in search by just playing over and over. I played TDM also, but I didn't like it as much. I had diamond on every gun. 

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