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Does anyone think that Call of Duty could benefit from the leveling system similar to that in BF3? Not having the seperate classes (Engineer, Assault, Support, Recon), but mostly just having the 45 levels, then 100 service stars after you level up. It could replace prestiging, and it actually is an accomplishment to get to the 100 service star in BF3.

In Call of Duty, especially the last 2 Treyarch titles, everyone gets to the max level, and it is usually within the first couple months. In BF3, it took me about 4 days of play time just to get to level 45, and I have about another 6 days (10 total) and I'm only at service star 17. I think that it would add longevity to the game, and give the players that play more than others the ability to still get to work towards something.

I think that this, or a system in which the max prestige has no level cap, would be a great addition to CoD. To explain, rather than getting to prestige master and stopping, you can continuously level up that prestige after every.. 200,000 xp earned. So, after prestige 10 - level 55, you move onto prestige master. Then after you earn 200,000, you rank up to prestige master - level 1. Another 200,000, prestige master - level 2. All the way up to infinity. I think that that would be a really cool way to seperate the casual players from those that play more. To try and be the highest ranked prestige master, rather than getting to 10-55 and not having anything to level up anymore.

Thoughts? Ideas? Expansions?

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Being the highest ranked prestige master does sound interesting.  Currenlty once you reach the highest level any additional xp earned just goes to waste.  At least with your idea, it would serve a purpose.

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You both have a point i am 9th prestige (im not a great player) lvl 36 i am still trying to think of what to do when i get to prestige master.

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I have been a prestige master since march.. I can tell you, there really isn't much to do other than just play the game. Of course, you can get all your guns diamond, but other than that it's pretty repetitive, and it's not really that difficult either. I think I only need 7 bloodthirsties with my XPR-50, 75 headshots with my LSAT, a bloodthirsty with my crossbow, and a triple kill with the RPG and I have everything diamond. Then what? I feel like it needs something more.

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I know. I think that it would only help keep the players that have reached prestige master to have more fun playing for more time. I mean, who doesn't enjoy seeing that new rank appear on their screen when they level up? And if it actually takes time and effort to do, it will make it that much better to actually earn it. As of now, most just rush through the prestiges so that they have everything unlocked. 5-7 days of playtime later, and they have all the levels done, and nothing to really work towards, except to just play the game. I'm not saying that just playing the game isn't fun, but I think that adding infinite levels, or the 100 service stars idea would only add to the Call of Duty experience.

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I have been prestige master since right around Christmas time. I got it with around 7-8 days played. Knowing how to score big points is the major key. Also 2XP weekend helped a LOT. I played pretty much 8-9 hours a day for the 3 days on the first one and went up FOUR prestiges. Another major key was to get guns/perks/scorestreaks/challenges close during non-2xp weekends and then load up on XP finishing them. When you get a gun gold, and get the max prestige level 2 title along with gun mastery you get 5,000 XP for the camo, 10,000 for max prestige, 2,500 for no perks, and 2,500 for no attachments. During 2xp weekend I wound up doing like 11 guns and EACH gun was 40,000 XP (this is not counting the XP for the last of the challenges after the KRYPTEK camo which I still had to complete on a few of them). So just by doing those guns I had around 500,000 XP in a matter of a few matches. This is not counting my scorestreak kills, and other challenges I completed during that time. The game was still fairly new and I was unlocking things CRAZY FAST. I literally went from level 5 in one game to level 24.

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This game is not meant to have long term longevity of play. There is two seperate companies that make the game. There is a title out ever year because of this. The game is built around quick levling to allow a player to reach the end by the time the next game comes out, not to have to continue playing beyond that date really. Keep them interested but not overly pushed to reach the end.

Unlike BF which only has one developer where they need players to stay with them for a long term, CoD does not need that. Such a leveling system would be counter productive and since it would take to long to reach the end before the next game would come out. It would force players to only be able to play CoD. A lot of people would not like that, for not everyone just plays FPS games all the time even if they have them. Some do like variiety and to change up now and then. A protracted level system like BF is prohibitive to that game play if you like to try and reach the end before getting another game.

I play racing, fighting, rpg, rts, mmo, and fps. I would not ever stay with just one game genre only becuase of a limitation like that. No game is worth that and never would be.

It is not the devs fault for making it shorter than BF in regards to leveling time required; it is the players fault for rushing to the end wihtin the first few months of game play thus causing themself to be bored by the game later when they are at the end.

Plus BO2 has a solution to that problem. it is called Reset. Sure you loose everything and start over fresh, but taht would not be problem for a true diehard gamer that wants the challenge. Only for the one that just wants the game to continue on and not have to loose anything ever. aka the lazy player that does not like having to reearn anything because of prestigeing or reseting stats.

I was prestige 6 level 30 soemthing, I reset because I was bored since I had all class slots and had tried out almost every weapon by then. I reset, did not matter that I lost any cammos, or player cards or emblems. I knew I could get them back again over time. I am now prestige 5 level 40 something allready. Had I not prestiged I would be prestige master, who cares not a big deal, really means nothing to be there at all. I reset just to have the fun of getting certain guns back to gold and getting the eraser card. A card that can only be earned by resetting and thus shows anyone that has the courage to do so and not be afraid of loosing everything and starting over. Especially if done at a later prestige than just 1.

This sounds more like you want to continue playing but just do not want to reset so you can keep your cammos or cards and not have to work for them again. You want your cake and pie and icecream and not have to work for them anymore. Sorry that is not what the game was meant for nor should it be like that.

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EA produces BF3 one year, then the Medal of Honor series the next. Although Call of Duty comes out every year, these two games do not play off each other. One is Treyarch, one is Infinity Ward. So it's pretty much the same setup that the two series share. I don't think that it would deter anyone from playing the game, because they aren't losing anything by implementing this system. I am sure that people that don't prestige, or those that max prestige, wouldn't mind getting an extra "service star" (or something equivalent) every once in a while. It's not really about finishing the leveling process, or being forced to level up, it's just having that longer term playability, and being able to level up for longer. People stop at no prestige - level 55, or 1st prestige - level 55, but they didn't stop implementing prestiges due to some people not wanting to prestige.. This idea only affects the people who are stuck at a point where they can't level up anymore. And I am not against a thing that resets levels, but mostly I would like to keep my stats and start back over at level 1.

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Isn't EA the publisher and DICE is the developer? I think MOH: WF is made by Danger Close and was published by EA.

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I still think that hitting Prestige Master in BO2 is a worthy accomplishment.  For a somewhat above average player who mostly plays TDM (like me), it still takes in the neighborhood of 20 real world hours to get through a prestige.  Meaning that hitting Master Prestige is an investment of ~250 hours.  Not that I've checked, but you could probably finish every quest and unlock every achievement in Skyrim with that sort of time.  How much more can you ask of a video game?

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