Yet another Multiplayer glitch/bug to report, this is for version 69 [25.619.7.1483521]

Black Ops II Xbox 360


If you play a game mode with multiple rounds then try this:

- Before the 2nd round starts press the select button, highlight any player

  and press Y button to view playercard.
- Now stay in his playercard until the next round starts.
- When the next round has started your HUD will be gone and your screen
  will be blurry. The only thing you see is your crosshair.
- And to make things worse you can't move, because all in game buttons
  (except XBOX home button) are disabled.
- In Search and Destroy you are in all rounds frozen stiff for the duration of
  the entire match.

The next decision you're faced with is; should i backout by dashboarding,
sign out or unplug ethernet cable and lose all progress in that game.
Or stay and let yourself be killed so many times for the duration of the
rounds that come up.

P.S.: This is prove enough that the developers are incompetent. They only at
new broken stuff and don't fix the known stuff that makes this game horrible
in the first place eg. lag/sync issues, respawns, awareness perk still broken
especially for FFA, etc, etc, etc.

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Yup i had the same glitch, only solution is to dashboard or turning of the xbox.

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The question is why would i be looking at somebody player card in middle of a game, i do that crap in the lobby. Now there was a glitch that what your doing would cause the player to run around with no weapons but his knife and be almost untouchable (god mode).. so they patched it and your experiancing the patch. i could be wrong but im sure there is a reson for everything when it freezes or hangs.

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the real question is why are you a douchebag? who cares why he was looking at someones playercard?

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me being a doubag.. lol. I am not.. just stating the fact why that person is experiancing the problem.. Seems that everybody is trying to find a exploit in this game to make them god or have special powers.. but looking at someone gamer player card in middle of a game is pointless..

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This is how the glitch looks like.

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I had the same glitch twice today. Its even worse in HC SnD, you got nothing on your screen than blurry sh*t. all you can see are the players names. BUT THERE IS AN SOLUTION!

-Press the guide

-Go to "Last Players"

-Look for somebody you can join

-Look on his Playercard

-Try to join

->The game will ask you if you really want to leave the game (Like in "Start-Menu")

Press NO and everything is fine.

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