Zombie Slayers Needed!!!!!!!

Black Ops II Xbox 360

I need some people to play zombies with and do the easter eggs. Must have all DLC, and be a decent player. Message me either here or on xbox. my Gamertag is XXjewkilluXX. Thanks

Also, If you are interested in being in videos on my youtube channel, tell me that as well. Thanks!!!

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hey i'm decent zombie player and i'm looking for people to do easter egg too. Here add my GT:Kyon19

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Me and the friends i play with are looking to find more... I cant say any of us enjoy publics but there are only 4 of us and cant always get online at the same time. Were all decent players, have mics... good teamwork, and i will only join with them.  So if your interested... hit me up and well make it happen. GT:clydeexe.

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I can do mob of the dead and buried, already done tranzit and die rise
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im looking for players also GT: GanjaSpore, tranzit and buried

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