getting accused of cheating on this black ops

Black Ops II Xbox 360


recently ive started using the tactical button layout and have been learning how to drop shot as i was getting annoyed it was happening to me all the time lol,anyway i killed the same person a few times in one match by drop shotting and he sent me a message after saying i had a modded drop shot pad and in turn i must have rapid fire too and himself and his two friends are reporting me,

i just laughed it off because they were just angry i beat his clan which consisted of 10 year olds

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hello chaps.

ok so this is not un commom then lol.

and got an update for u guys, just finshed diamond pistols the other night  and the last pistol (the fully automatic one) is a great gun to use to make people rage.

playing random people the other night and when i was killing this one guy he started by saying cheat down the mic. then played the next game i could here him when i kill him saying this guys modded lol.

so when the game finshed i said to him u are not the first and u wont be the last to accuse me of cheating.

in which he stated saying "your modded mate" lol. when i tried to tell him i am 100% legit he said well i must have alien fingers to play that fast lol.

but the thing that shut him up was when i told him i have a forum post on treyarch's official call of duty website on the topic of people accusing me of cheating.

then he was on my team the next game and he was following me around lol. i said i dont mind pal. maybe u will get some tips lol.

i dont let it bother me at all no more even though its pretty annoying when u put a lot of hard work in to get good at a game, only to be accused of cheating.

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Every time I get a "Cheater" message, it make me feel warm and fuzzy inside, as I have just done so well that person does not think my skill is legitimate.

Take it as a compliment OP.

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oh yes i get this too often. I wouldnt know the first thing about cheating or using an aim bot, nor would i want to. Ive been reported too i think. Someone stated i have more head shots than any other medal, therefore i must be cheating.So i asked my brother who works at game stop if i could get banned even though im not cheating he said no that there are other people out there better than me who are probably having the same crap happening to them. So now i stay in those lobbies where im accused of cheating and laugh, and enjoy killing them.

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People are often watching killcams and assume someone has aimbot because of the killcams. They sometimes look like you snap to the target instantly, even though you don't in the game. I have seen myself in Final killcams getting double kills when it looks like have aimbot, and got called cheater from that.  In the game though my aim has not been as perfect as the killcam showed. 

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That's amazing that they would think the FAL with Select Fire appears to be the result of a modded controller. I stopped using the Select Fire on the FAL because, frankly, I can pull the trigger far faster than the "full auto" feature works with the Select Fire.

With all the different rates of fire, burst patterns, high rates of fire, etc, I don't know how anyone can detect a modded controller in BO2.

Just Mute, Block Communications, and Avoid Player.

Oh, and definitely, if someone accuses you of cheating? Definitely insist that they report you. The way I see it, the more false accusations against me, the better.

"At the end of the match, there remains only ... nuttin 2 say."
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I get called a cheat and a hack sometimes just because I know how to the Scorestreaks I want in good time with hardline or getting told I'm using Aim-bot or a modded controller, (like I need to use those to play legit). I'm 9th Prestige nearly 10th Prestige with Diamond LMG's working on Assult Rifles and nearly have them done with about 3-4 guns to go.

Some little kid said I spend $100 on hacks and such which I don't cause that would violate Term of Use and Code of Conduct for both Xbox LIVE and the game itself. I work hard my calling cards and that is it once I hit Master Prestige I'm going after all the ones I need to do with secondary and in other game modes

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I hear you, bro.

It sounds like you're a little new to COD. There are very few cheats available out there to those that are willing to cheat. The accusations, though, are a legacy from MW1 and WaW. Back then you would see a lot of cheating - and still will if you play them.

It's easier for them to blame you for cheating than it is to blame themselves for not learning the game.

"At the end of the match, there remains only ... nuttin 2 say."
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I have been accused of cheating more then once. my most memorable time was back in Halo 2 where I was accused of hacking. I asked them to explain exactly how i was hacking and in what way to which he responded "well uhh... I dont know, but I know your doing it!"

In MW3 I often got accused of having a modded controller because I can squeeze of 6 rounds pretty dam fast. I also got accused of wall hacks because I reasoned out where they were likely to be and wall banged them.

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Everyone always does this. Especially when they get their asses kicked. I can't tell you how many countless times I've played with someone and they yelled "WOW STOP USING AIM BOT/LAG/ ETC KID" and it's either directed towards me or the lead player in the game. I honestly get this alot because when I play HC KC, I do really good sometimes and especially if we land on nuketown, I get about 50+ kills and everyone just rages at me when we get back to the lobby. I've even had my own friends accuse me of cheating when we 1 v 1 and I kick their ass even though they know I don't cheat. I actually might think it's just impulse for some people just to yell it out.

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