getting accused of cheating on this black ops

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Everyone always does this. Especially when they get their asses kicked. I can't tell you how many countless times I've played with someone and they yelled "WOW STOP USING AIM BOT/LAG/ ETC KID" and it's either directed towards me or the lead player in the game. I honestly get this alot because when I play HC KC, I do really good sometimes and especially if we land on nuketown, I get about 50+ kills and everyone just rages at me when we get back to the lobby. I've even had my own friends accuse me of cheating when we 1 v 1 and I kick their ass even though they know I don't cheat. I actually might think it's just impulse for some people just to yell it out.

when I get accused of having a mod, I tell them "yes! it is a mod! its called the Bionic finger, I got it from japan and had it attached surgically". Other times I just tell the other team that one of my friends is hacking, such as an aim bot... set to hit everything but the opposing player XD

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Depends on with who you play or play against really. I play MW3 a lot. Got a ratio of 2.86 in Team Deathmatches. But instead of people accusing me of cheating. People want to be my friend or tell me that I'm very good. It's just really the game you play. Just try to take it as a positive feedback! You are that good that people think you're cheating. You don't even need an aimbot to be that good. Enjoy it!


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