hit markers on a head shots in hardcore perks should not affect this

Black Ops II Xbox 360

hit markers on a head shots in hardcore perks shou...

this guy standing behind a barrel and the only thing sticking out to shoot is his head why did i get hit marker and he 1 shot me with a auto pistol??? because this games bs.

because he is wearing a perk called flack vest well if its covering his head then how can see to shoot me."and 2nd it says take less explosive damage" nothing about a bullet damage at all. or he has the toughness perk flinch less when shot again does not say anything about less damage from my bullet to the head. but time and time again this happens a lot..

i don't care to die in a fire fight but when i got off half a clip or a hole clip and not a hit marker one and now reloading and there not even looking my direction that's bs. and then when i goto the review of the match it don't even show me shooting..  well i shot enough to reload a mp7 with extended clip and some times if you happen to live make it behind a wall or cover it still took a full clip of ammo and its not my connection my speed test is 35mb upload and 45mb dowload hard wired.

they need to  figure out a reasonable dection system tired of some dude hiding in a corner and i know hes there because he just killed me and i come in spraying him in the face only to get a hit markers and he 1 shot kills me in hardcore..

also quick scoping this is bs. you have let this gone on this long enough this is not a play style its a bunch of noobs taking avantage of your aim asst

i'm using a mp7 laser sight and reflex we run in to each other on a staircase i just started shooting no aim and he shoots the ground and i die. i seen the bullet hit the ground in front of me there is no way in hell he should have got that bs shot off but he did and even in the view after it shows him shoot the ground and not my foot the ground..

hard core kill confirmed only 10 matches 7  of them filled with boosters i report and report and never do i see that person banned i see them 2 days latter doing the boosting again.. time and time again

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Re: hit markers on a head shots in hardcore perks ...

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bump wonder if they will fix this or just let it be

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