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ii darkshadow oO wrote:


MajorRodriguez wrote:


MaTtKs wrote:


I think I may start randomly selecting one user per day to receive a 24 hour ban. Surely I could dig through everyone's posts and find a few bannable offenses.

And the paranoia starts......now.

I nominate Darkshadow... wait... he just got back from a Perma-ban...

Yeah... so what. I nominate Darkshadow!

Don't try me Major, or you're going down. I can get at least 30 threads where you used the f and s words without asterisks or sarcasm or what not.

Calm down man... just joking you!
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Matt should ban all the above for posting off topic.

screw it, matty, can you revive the ban the person above you thread thing? that was humorous.

I wanna ban someone!

*bans Snakedoctor63*
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IntoTheVoid wrote:


I am liking this idea more and more. MaTtKs should make a thread where people can post whatever they want, but by doing so, they are entering into the drawing of a random ban. There is a gambling element to it.

Yes..Interesting. But imagine all the "I'm back" threads! Smiley Surprised

@Major: Yeah, I can rummage up a few stuff to. Smiley Tongue

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CloudTM wrote:


And I've gone up 11 ranks, accumilated 10521 points, received 11 badges, completed 32 missions, started 80 threads and posted 1561 times.


i have been here for about a year and 5 months now

but total active time is about 5 months
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That's okay, we all know you had more pressing issues to deal with.

Will she ever walk again?
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ByzB is banned for hinting IVIr. T is "active" in well...you know.
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Some real veterans here... :shock: I still got a very, very long way to go for the top rank...
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Hey, you made an incorrect inference and banned me for it? That's not fair.

You don't know what I'm talking 'bout!

He's a doctor too you know...and then there was this patient with a terrible leg...
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Shhh! He doesn't like to talk about her.

She had a broken leg at the start but by the end he had a broken heart.
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