10 good tips to be a good COD player.

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i think every person has a different style. its about watching whats going on and figuring out how the other team is playing. if they camp dont try to run into the room after them every time. thats what they want and they will get a bunch of kills before you finally get them. i usually just put a claymore outside their door and let them find it the hard way. the opposite is true. if they are charging in on you let them come to you and get a few kills. dont stay in the same spot for long because you will eventually get killed. its about balance. and yes a good connection makes life a thousand times easier. i just wish everyone would set their search to locale only so i wouldnt be playing some dude from the phillipines or something like that (im in ny, not nyc). and if you get killed, tell everyone where you were at and if you have the patience to watch the killcam (not me lol) it can be useful to see what their next move might be.
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Agent_Beige wrote:


I like to see tips but I disagree with a lot of these. So, here's mine

1. Be aggressive. This game is about moving quickly and killing as many of your opponents as possible.

2. I like to use unsilenced weapons for the simple fact it draws the other team to me. As they move in to kill me I aim to have moved and already be flanking them or ideally behind them.

3. Watch those corners (this is a good tip)

4. Learn to be accurate

5. Aggressively take out enemy spy planes

6. Ignore the remote control car. You are better off with something else and you'll usually die using it.

7. Learn to burst fire.

8. Learn to kill with any weapon class and workout what is best for your style of play

9. Read the minimap and learn those maps like the back of your hand

10. Use the force, feel the flow of the game, whatever you want to call it. This includes being aware of team mates and the nature of the game mode you are playing

That one right above. Is most important. Be ably to adapt to the game. No two games on a map are the same. Don't try and force your style of play. Get a idea what the other team is doing and counteract.
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Plenty of good tips so far, here's my RADAR list:

• Readiness: Go to your Options at the Menu and change your controller sensitivity to anything above the default 3 (slowly practice and get accustomed to 4, then 5, 6 +... it'll be crazy at first, but will pay off in the future). Sensitivity is overlooked by beginner players and taken advantage of by veterans. Confrontation is all about who reacts quicker, which means the person with the faster sensitivity can respond defensively to an offensive attack from behind while the slower default (3) person cannot react as quickly to countermeasures.

 • Awareness: Learn all the maps by putting in the time (private games) and figure out all lines of sights for offense and defense - including sight lines that look past multiple walls and objects, where you can mantle (the not so obvious paths), and hug the boundaries to protect your back (always check behind). Also, keep an eye on the minimap for enemy location (spy plane, blackbird) as you play objective (capturing a point) so that you can move and continue the capture after threat is further away.

• Dance: Learn how, by going to private games and practicing some moves (anything you think would help). Turing sensitivity high can help with the moves. You can engage an enemy by running a circle around them with your sights on them the whole time for more hits as they (lower sensitivity) have trouble keeping up with your feet work.

• Aggression: In objective game modes, like Domination, capture that point, then the next one the enemy just took, over and over, go for it while checking your inside building corners or pathway to point while being aware that after the enemy takes point, they most likely are camping knowing you're coming to recapture - so before recapturing a point, run through the obvious camping spots and lines of sights you learned earlier to take out the campers before capturing a point (doesn't take much time and pays off big).

• Readiness: Practice with all weapons, lethals, tacticals, equipment and perk combination to see what improves your game most. Go to your personal stats to get an objective assessment of performance evaluation (what you think isn't always the truth when you see the stats). Then load out a class customized for each map type (Close Quarter Battles, mid, long). Sleight of Hand is great for CQB, useless for larger maps where Warlord Pro would give you an extra lethal and tactical item.

(one more thing, have fun)
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TheAccide wrote:


Thanks for tips, and my internet is way good, 5MB's a second, I am always host. ;p

Only 5MB huh? I have 32MB down and I'm not hosting nearly "always". I think you're lying.
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Marshhawk wrote:


1. Kill people.

2. Don't get killed.

Keeping it simple, love it!
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I forgot to mention to always have a class ready with a Strela-3 (heat seeking), not the LAW (non-heat seeking), and take out enemy choppers and HIND as soon as you hear it announced. I always have every class with a Strela-3 to take them out on the horizon before they even get a kill. If you aren't using the class with a Strela-3, then grenade yourself and choose that Strela-3 class and take out every air asset your opponent calls up - otherwise your team will most likely lose in TDM or Objective modes like Domination since they're taking points A/B/C while you're being killed at respawns.
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Corbear007 wrote:


TheAccide wrote:


Hello, I am going to give you guys tips to play Cod Bo.

1.Never rush, always slowly and stealthly move around the outside of the map.

2.Don't stick with unreliable ten year olds, most of them just block you in corners and laugh at you, so try to be solo and quite.

3.Don't camp in corners.

4.Watch out for corners, most people don't know that the enemy can see a gun or something pointing out.

5.Look out for shadows. Due to good graphics, we can see shadows, so if someones camping behind a corner or object, you might see a shodow leeking out.

6.Watch those corners. Because of campers, you would have to watch corners, if you run past a camper, your dead.

7.Emotions, they play a big part in players, if your angry, you get more wild and agressive, mostly leading to death, so keep in cool and calm.

8.Never go to revive players, just leads to bad deeds like death, SOME smart people wait for a player to go revive them so they get double kills.

9.Don't ever go for wall bangs, make kills fast and silent, don't want to attract the whole team.

10.Don't waste time on "teabagging," no matter how annoying they are, there is no need, most people run back to there bodys, so they can get the person. Most of the time you get return killed.

Hope this help players. Smiley Surprised

i'm going to disagree quite a bit, lets go down the list

#1 dont rush? do you understand how many kills i can easily obtain by simply rushing? i just got i think a 48-5-3-2 on hardcore CTF (3 caps 2 returns) simply by rushing and having my guns blazing

#2 honestly how many 10 year olds play this game, and this isn't a good tip, they'll learn this out in about 5 seconds, a good tip would be lets say, AIM DOWN YOUR SIGHT! i see countless times where people just spray and pray and don't even aim down sight 20 feet from me, needless to say they die every time!

#3 good tip, i HATE campers and actually i kill you most of the time because you're an idiot and place claymores at one entrance and i have hacker pro and i see your claymores and know almost exactly where you will be hiding at and spray a whole clip right at you and your clay.

#4 another good tip, i've gotten countless kills because a camper was just chilling in a corner trying to jump up on a desk and oh look, gun... gun arm head gun... gun... dead.

#5 another good tip, but most campers find the darkest corner possible and very little does this ever work.

#6 get hacker on and go to town killing those campers!

#7 emotions? really? its a fun game.

#8 fail this tip just fails i revive people all the time it's called you dive at the person or you go prone, that way when you do revive them they still have a good kill streak (hopefully) going and you yourself just netted some XP and on top of all that you just stoped that person from having one kill possibly killing off his kill streak

#9 wall bangs? in all reality you want to attract the whole team, that way you have 3-5 easy shots as they are sprinting tward you

#10 let the idiots teabag dead bodies, if they're that immature they can give away an easy kill on them better yet let me take the kills, better tip: learn to knife, it will save your life you dont wan't to be the person who attempted to kill someone 2 feet in front of you just for them to slip past you and have a higher sensitivity rate on their console to turn around faster and BAM your dead!

#11 raise your sensitivity rate! it will help you a lot!

You sound like a douche and a bad team mate. Get off your high horse. There's good and bad advice but in the end the player has to figure out what works for them by themselves. They can't be told what will work for them.

douche? no, now if you wanted to call me an asshole or something along those lines then yes i would agree bad teammate? no i play CTF all the time highest cap rate is 5 flags (out of 6) and i average at least 1-2 flags a round if i'm not defending. high horse? naw i get killed, and i'll kill you but if you dont want my advice dont take it and get killed by those camper noobs (hacker pro ftw) take my advice or not, i'm not going to cry over it.
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#1 When playing objective based games like Domination, Headquarters, Demolition, Capture the flag... please play the objective. Protecting secured objectives is one thing, playing objective games like they are team death match is another. Playing the objective will win the rounds, high kill counts will not.

#2 In Domination, always go for B. If you can take and hold B it will crush your opponent's spirit and reinforce for the duration of the round that they have no chance of winning (assuming your team does not ignore A & B). Plus, B is simply a better flag than the others: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Flag-B/160928293952555
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You can follow all the tips you want. When it comes down to it all these suggestions are just opinions. Its what they think makes them a good player, that doesn't mean it will make YOU a good player. All of it just comes with practice. Don't worry about how good you are. When you get killed think about why you got killed. What did you do wrong, how could you have won that battle. Eventually any situation you get in, you have been in before and know exactly what to do, experience.
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