A good deed every day !?

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Hornswoggled wrote:


I gave my 40g PS3 to my nephew for achieving an A+ overall on all of his subjects. It also includes the PS bluetooth, MAG, RE 5, NHL 2010, Fight Night 4...and a partridge in a pear tree.

I can't really buy him a new one , because money is tight right now. I still have a PSP to hold me over though. Smiley Tongue

Looks like I'm not going to play Black Ops after all.

Slaps Hornswoggled.

Why didn't you gave him the PSP?

How about buying a second hand PS3 for yourself?

No crying in OT.

I'm sure he would've handed that back to me and say, "No, thanks Uncle Cheapskate."

I'm waiting for PS4. Smiley Tongue

I can't help it.

@ reaper: I've thought of that but kids who does well in school should get rewarded. If his grades do slip (I hope)...Come back to daddy PS3!
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Re: A good deed every day !?

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Wow, I have a thread which is going to 4 pages after 2 month


That´s indeed a very good deed
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