Aim Bots and Camo

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Aim Bots and Camo

You guys have really got to get rid of these aim bots.  It is absolutely disappointing that these still exist.  Year in and year out its the same thing.  People need to cheat to win.  It really makes me not want to bother anymore.  You would figure there would be a solution but I guess not.

Also a few guys on ps3 already had the camos that have not been released yet.  And you guessed it these were the same guys using aim bot  Pretty much sniped me across the map on Stonehaven with no recoil on there maverick assault rifle.  I was playing with my full party clan and the other 5 guys on my team have 2.5 k/ds and higher I am at a 1.9 and they made us look like we never picked up a controller before.  Something has got to be done!!!

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