Ain't modding Illegal?

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Could have sworn I read somewhere that modding/hacking a game could get you sent jail/prison, so why do people still do it?

Tell me why

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yeah because it voids the copyright of the game.
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Yeah so is downloading music and crack. People still do those things.
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Driving over the speed limit is illegal
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Dependent on usage and a few other things. The issue as a whole can be pretty hazy. In the case of consoles, however, you run the risk of being banned. On PC the regs are considerably looser. I don't advocate console modding personally, but always enjoy a good one on the PC.
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People think modding and hacking are the same when modding and hacking are 2 very different things, modding isnt illegal, and 10th lobbies on mw2 are not hacks theres mods. hacking is like breaking into a database or someone elses computer, thats illegal
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Yea so is downloading movies/music etc.

That's why it's impossible to do it, OH WAIT. Smiley Surprised
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Modding Single Player campaign etc won't result in consequences.

If you felt the urge, you could use infinite ammo/explosive bullets/aimbot etc for the MW2 campaign.

Hell, Bungie said once in Halo 3 you can mod offline, but the second you upload mods to file share, you get the banhammer.

I don't see what the big deal over modding is. One of the reasons I love the PC.

If people want to mod offline, why stop them? If people want to host a modded private match, why stop them?

Of course, a line has to be drawn. As soon as these mods enter online matchmaking, that is is crossing the line.
An Oreo
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An Oreo wrote:


Of course, a line has to be drawn. As soon as these mods enter online matchmaking, that is is crossing the line.

More or less my opinion. Without modding we wouldn't have had a lot of the stuff we have now.
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Yeah it is illegal but chances of you gonig to prison are slim. They just ban you, that's all.
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