App not updating in Clan Wars

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App not updating in Clan Wars

So most of all day yesterday my app wasn't updating my clans progress in the clan wars.

I know we weren't the only ones having issues with this, does anyone know how to fix the problem or know when it might be corrected??

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Re: App not updating in Clan Wars

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Yes whats up with this App all it is saying to me is  Maintenance  retry button  then when it deos come up I check clan wars and it just quits the app  very frustrating like to know where we can find out about whick game modes to play for these nodes and xp and cp?

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Re: App not updating in Clan Wars

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I couldn't get the app to work at all until late last night.  I had tried probably 15 times throughout the day.  Up until that point all it would do is tell me that the service was unavailable.  I'm not sure how often the app updates progress.  I know that it's at least several hours between updates and it may very well be a daily update.

PS: Can we get the scoreboard moved up a little on the screen?  When I go to open it up, it is so low on the screen that I have to sit there pushing the button about 20 times before it registers that I've pushed it once.  And can we get the last clan app moved up as well.  That one is so low that you can barely see the tops of the accept/reject buttons and if you miss even slightly you'll end up in the clan chat.

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