Attention all gamers!!

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Attention all gamers!!

Hello, fellow gamers. Some people may know that theres a huge problem with the banning in black ops 1.

So I'm writeing down some tips and things you will need to know if you don't already.

To start things off, this is about black ops 1 and the banning problem and how to avoid getting banned.

Many people who have come to this site or even called or about to call Treyarch/Activision support, it is useless.

Theres is no way your getting unbanned! Thay will not see your point and help you, no matter how many times you say "sorry" or tell them how much money you spent. And the truth behind this is, thay can't.

The reasen behind this is simple. The way the mod is made is what gets you banned. Now what I mean by that is Treyarch/Activision are NOT the ones banning you, it is all the work of that mod.

Now I'll explain this to some who may not know what it is I'm talking about.

The "mod" is for say the blue and or green letters that shows on your screen after you watch a video in the theator lobby. So your thinking... well I'll just avoid videos that stand out and say things that revolve around infection lobbys and ect. Well thats wrong and that won't work, these mods are under almost anything. The title can even be "Wtf" tipical things you would see alot. Well once you watch one of these videos, your banned, and theres notheing you can do about it.

So now your probley wanndering.. If there so bad and people are getting banned for it, why are the developers not removeing the videos? well, theres not. And the truth is even if thay did people would still add more of them.

And now your thinking! "So what? thay will just removes them to" Well yes thay probley would. But what your not understanding is, that video is up long enough to get many people banned, one of them could even be you at some point.

This is my message to everyone.

Avoid theator lobby! Don't even go into it, load any videos, make any videos, just avoid it. Because once your banned... your banned.

If you would like to know more or talk to me feel free to message me on xbox! My gamertag is lMythicShadowl

Please comment and tell me if this was any help, thanks.

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Re: Attention all gamers!!

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Thanks Mythic Shadow, I didn't know about this and I have been playing Black Ops for a couple of years now, although not very often, and I thought you only got banned for things like bad language and cheating. Today was the first time I have registered on this site, and I only did so because of problems with the C.O.D server preventing me from playing the game. Thanks again,    Sycodaz

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