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The music in Cod4 was probably my favorite in the newer titles(WaW, MW2, MW1 etc.)

For Black ops, I think music in multiplayer matches should play throughout the whole match...not just the beginning or end.It should change tracks bases on wat is happening in the match(winning, losing, dying etc.)

Also the radio chatter in Cod4 for the marines was probably the best in the newer titles and should be added for the multiplayer announcements for the american teams (maybe even british too) just like in Cod4.

Post new ideas and give me your opinions <3
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Good idea, but there has to be a choice to Turn music off.
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Of course there should.

Also music should be loud enough to have a good effect but low enough for you to be able to hear your friend's headset and voice chatter.

LoL funny if Requiem for a Dream started playing if you were the last man standing on hardcore macthes
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Hell no i hate music in the game!!!! This is a war game not a club remix, if u want music go play rock band or dj hero. Get a good 5.1 headset and you will understand.
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I like the idea, however, I wouldn't want music playing all the time. Perhaps at certain, dramatic spots during a match (EX. When enemy destroys/captures objective). Of course, there has to be the option to turn it off.
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XxPeircexX wrote:


Good idea, but there has to be a choice to Turn music off.

I totally agree
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@ Rychelle 9900

Yeah but music adds a certain dynamic and physiological effect to the game.

Some examples would be:

Ezio's Family by Jesper Kyd in AC2

The music in MW2 during the mission Whiskey Hotel

The music in Cod4 during the mission Shock and Awe

The original Call of Duty theme song which gave you a "Final Battle" sort of feeling if you know what I mean

Requiem for a Dream just felt so epic

All of these have an epic and unique feel which is what you always want in games like Call of Duty. I confess that Ezio' Family has a very emotional feel but its still epic
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If music was constantly playn it would wreck my head!! imagin playing S&D last man left and you're trying to listen for footsteps and music is playing!
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Music all the time would bug the crap out of me. I got turtle beach headsets and if music played all the time I would ruin my gameplay. Music at certain times is ok. Like in MW2 if an enemy is close, soft music starts to play. It's a good way of knowing who's by you when you can't hear there footsteps, if there using ninja pro. But what I want is character comments. Meaning: when you kill someone you're character makes a smart ass comment, you hear it and the person you killed hears it, not everyone. Would be awesome killing someone and you get a headshot and your character says " right between your eyes mother f@cker!!" I hope there is cussing in the game.
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