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Okay so first of all I had to wait till Monday with is today to ask this from you guys because I currently don’t own a computer anymore, but I wanted to ask you guys to Remaster Black Ops 2 there’s a ton of moders, you guys need to clean the servers up because basically they’re making bank off of a game you guys made by selling mods and hosting XP Lobby’s, please I’m sure I’m not the only one that wants to get that good old feeling of from back in the days when there was league play and you’d have to work hard to go up divisions, but now we have people using Aim Bot and god mode, Please Trey-arch at least come out with an update. ❤️

Lesean B
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I'd love to see black ops 2 re-released and re-mastered for ps4. They'd probably still soak another 80$ from me for a full d/l of the game with all the map packs. Heart

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If they do remaster it I hope that they make it so you have the choice to start off where you left on your previous console.

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I'd love to see a remasered version of Black ops 2. It's my childhood game and I will buy it (with all DLCs) with  no doubt.

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