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It’s no secret that COD has gotten away from what made it great in the last five years or so. The advanced movement and specialist experiment has been a disaster. The game was at its best when it was a simple boots on the ground virtual war. 


If we’re going to continue to be given this annual garbage then I have one request on behalf of many out there in the community. Can we PLEASE just have a remaster of BO1 and even BO2? I’d accept a remaster full of micro transactions to have the chance to play this absolute masterpiece again. 


I go back and play this more on the PS3 than any of the new games on PS4, including BO4. The only problem is the servers with an abundance of hackers.


what will it take to get a remaster or even just cleaned up servers for the best COD of all time?

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nop, will never happened, it's all about money, like Microsoft making new soft for new hardware…

Community on Bo1 is not that bad, and there are so many Tools to freeze hackers! jajajjaj

Good luch Chuck ;=0))))))
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Sounds good in theory doesn't it. Having an updated black ops and fully populated servers. But look at mwr. It's just not the same as cod 4. Feels alot different to me. Plus all the money grubbing additions that they'll add to the game. If they did it right it'd be awesome, but they won't. They'll manage to ruin it somehow

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