Bandwith detection not working correctly since

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Hello treyarch,

i am experiencing more lag issues since the newest server update

under options -> "select" it says "bandwidth: 577Kbps"

before the last update it was always over 1k -.-

under the ps3 network settings its displayed correctly:

download: 18.5 Mbps

upload: 1.1 Mbps

please fix that, thank you. keep on the good support.
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It's only an indicator ...and highly dependent on the number of people doing the test. More accurate tests take longer but also require more bandwidth resulting in the server serving the load test being overloaded more, returning more unreliable results.

Ps. be glad you are polled for low upload... it will make you less likely to be the host, which is not an advantage in this game.
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I have enabled the "load mp default" option which came with the latest patch.

When I start the game it takes me directly to the MP menu and there it shows my bandwith for example 557kps.

But when I go back to the main menu and load the Multiplayer It increases to 1003kps.

My ps3 has a wired connection to the router ,NAT 2 and in DMZ.

It shows NAT Type : OPEN
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thx gazella, i will try that out. i like beeing the host...
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