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I've just been banned about 1 hour ago for no reason at all and I have not done anything to do to disrespect the game. I am a respectful Call of Duty player and I love the game, I'm only 11th Prestige with over 8 and half days played and i always get called a" hacker and booster" and I'm not even one, like today just before I just got banned I was in search and destroy in the Lobby waiting to start up then about 8 people join and i was called a booster for being 11th prestige when one the guys was 14th and they all said I'm getting reported for it then, 5 minutes later I am banned and this is my reason why I am banned. In games if I do well as in Search and Destroy I go 12-3 I called "Booster" then I get reported and also told the servers were messing up about 2 hours ago, And the last reason i get reported by people is because of my gamertag because I use a Sniper. Just hoping and Treyarch Develops see this and resolve my situation and let me know why I was banned or let me know was it a mistake.

Thank you

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Please refer to the Black Ops Security & Enforcement Policy.[/code:16bi6os7]

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