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How many times have you been in a game of MW2 that is super competitive for about 4 minutes and you're thinking, "Wow, this is fun", and then a harrier goes up in the air. It just kind of ruins how competitive the game could be.

I know people love their killstreaks, and while I think they should be taken away forever, that is simply not an option. I suggest a playlist in which there are NO KILLSTREAKS OR PERKS (or footsteps please). I like the perk system, but the game would require a lot more skill and would be much more competitive because it would take a better shot to kill someone, and camping no longer reaps the same rewards.

Keep the main playlist for those who want to play with everything, but offer a playlist with just you and your gun. I don't care whether it's mosh pit type or simply just TDM, but it would work well and would be a nice alternative for a competitive player.
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DUDE i just asked robert bowling to do that...i was just thinking that i totally agree
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I think it would be a huge camping playlist, so I would say no.
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Sounds like a great idea.
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Apparently MW2 is trying to get that running. Maybe in time for a release along with the Ressurgance pack.
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great idea.
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