Best KD Ratio EVER!

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Adder1 wrote:


Yeah... I don't think I can top that.

I believe the best I've gone in terms of KDR is 22-0 on Domination on Array with the M16 w/. Infrared Scope.

Ha ha, technically you did top that. 22:0 is a higher ratio than 72:1 (1:0 is too, for that matter).
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I would be impressed if you did this with a weapon that wasnt easy
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My best KD Ratio was I think 27-1. My best flawless was 24-0, because I got a death machine from a care package, and my team mates just kept calling in spy planes, one after another, and the other team didn't have ghost . I would've got more, but since death machine is pretty slow, it was hard maneuvering. Oh, and my best with pistols only was 32-10. Not that great, but it was literally one of the first few games I played with my pistol only account, so I was pretty satisfied with that. I was more satisfied when I saw kids with mic rage quit
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47-3, best flawless is 26-0
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So far my highest was around 60-3 on domination.

24-0 around there
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my best is 16-0, but i did it with Spy plane, carepackage(got black bird out of that) and blackbird. All of this in havana(which is Cuban nuketown). Oh and i used a mp5k and various stolen weapons

Hardline pro(to reroll)

sleight of hand pro(to aim faster, big advantage)

Hacker(too see the claymores that were right in front of me..i rly hope they fix it soon)
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40:0 in havanna

had one chopper and thanks to my carepackege i could sent out the dogs two times.
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I went 110-5, 28-0, and all that in CODMWR, and 55-3 in TDM with dual-wield PM63's in BO.
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DPNiNJi wrote:


Probably something like 10-0.

10 divided by 0 is infinite while 72 divided by 1 is 72. My KDR is better.

I win.

10 divided by 0 is undefined. check ur equation first u noob. it cant equal infinite.
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Firing range

MP5k Ext mags

M1911 ext mags



Lightweight pro

Steady aim pro

Marathon pro
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