Best Look Sensitivity?

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im on 6 and i like it, it also allows 360's lol
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10 is the best.
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i like to turn it up to 11 cause its 1 better
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i have been playing with 4 for a while and its getting a lil bit easier everytime, but maybe it has something to withi'm only level 13 (don't know what prestige is yet)
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when i have it on 4 i can't aim that good from distance but when i have it on 2 i suck at corners lol
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I use 9 (no I don't QS I only like to be able to turn around fast)

it takes a while to get used to but I like it most. Oh and if you're a sniper, i find it easier to follow and look around faster.
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Hi everyone, i was just wondering what the best look sensitivity is.

when i play zombies, i always use 4 and i have gotten to round 29 in kino soo far (bought black ops 3 weeks ago)

but when i play online, i have a hard time aiming correctly on 4, soo could anyone tell me what they think the best sensitivity is or give me your own look sensitivity?


Seems like ever since the PSN came back online everything seems faster. I've had to bump mine down a couple notches. I suppose it could be just because I didn't play for a month, but something seems different.

Anyways, start on default and move your way up one by one. Every time you bump it up, you're going to hate it for a while but you'll get used to it.

I was on 8 before the PSN went down, now I'm back on 6 I believe.

I am with you, I've need to move mine down also.
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It's all up to personal preference, i personally hate anything over the default as i find it puts you at a disadvantage in most cases.
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anything less than 5-6 puts you at risk. i recommend 7-8 because it gives you a good balance without you over turning. trust me just put it on 7 and look around a lot when you play and you will be used to it in 3 matches. anything slower than 5 you cant turn fast enough if someone were to run past you. close combat on slow sensitivity is like playing while you are stunned by a concussion grenade

BTW i personally play on 7 right now because it is a good balance but i do go as high as 10 if i ever use a bigger gun like a LMG or Sniper because you turn slower with those
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Soo the OVERALL best look sensitivity is 7 am i right?
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