Best Look Sensitivity?

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Gervan wrote:


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And so the trolololol begins.

Bad day?
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I have something in my post that helps find your sensitivity. Called Coolguys tips guide for Bo.
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JSasRays wrote:


I HATE these kind of threads. There is no "best" look sensitivity. Its all up to personal preference. Come on use common sense.

You HATE these kind of threads but you still added a comment of no value to it? If you HATE them so much, then FUCK OFF to a different thread and stop spamming...


I started tweaking up 1 at a time after playing at 6 for a long time. I'm on 8 now...

I think different guns and play styles suit different sensitivities...

Sniping for instance needs a higher LS than Hip Firing Dual Scorpions for example (for me anyway)...

Also worth a mention, as your LS goes up, your accuracy goes down in most cases I think...
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A lot of people say that a higher sensitivity is the best?

But the MLG pro players play on 3 to 4 sens...
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I realize that this is a 6 years old post but if I were you I would start at a 5 or 6, then as you get more experienced at the game, increase it as you get better. Once you get to the point where the sensitivity is too high, go to the next lower one e.g. is 10 is too high, but 9 is good, use 9. Do this for all Call of Duty games that you play and you will find your sensitivity in about 2 months, but it's worth the 2-month process. 

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