Beware: Fried my PS3

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i have a ps3 and a xbox 360, the ps3 for when i get a rrod and for different games but my ps3 broke.. that sucks
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Fuck, my xbox has frozen/crashed 4 times in the past 2 days from Black Ops. Is there going to be any permanent damage?
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Maidenz wrote:


x0xFOADx0x wrote:


Why they can't provide a feature like the 360 to save games to HDD I don't know, would save a lot of burnt out lasers for PS3 users.

Mwhahahahhaha xbox rule superior once again !!!! lol what i like dramatic things Smiley Tongue

Least we can fix lazers on our own. You guys got that wonderful Red Ring of Death... MWAHAHAAH.....

Seriously, don't start a flame war.
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Suicidal Cheez wrote:


Yeah, go blame Treyarch, very very mature.

How could they have known this would happen in the future? It's called Trial and Error.

Are you serious? Trail and Error? Thats suppose to be BEFORE you release a game, not after.

All they had to do was actually take the time to make sure the PS3 version was ported correctly. That didnt even happen.
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