Black Ops? Is there any real STEALTH in this game?

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pnoyRoss wrote:


you are one of those kids that can only get kills but camping their ass off and hiding in corners. i feel like treyarch did an excellent job pleasing all those camping whores by providing all the "Equipment" that promotes so much camping like camera spike, claymore, motion sensor, etc. In this game you can NOW have a grenade AND a camping equipment which is bogus for kids who know how to run around and get kills.

Newsflash anyone can run around and get kills by spraying their AR or SMG at anything they see. It takes a better player to play stealthy and still get top kills.

But in the end its just personal preference on playstyle.
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mark dogsy wrote:


RcSinger wrote:


Anyone else wish they would release some maps with solid cover and snipe areas without a backdoor death trap and with good vantage over the map?

i liked your post untill i got to this. so basically you want somewhere you can lay down with a sniper rifle, be totally invisible, and not get killed from behind? so how are people supposed to kill you? noobtubes have been nerfed so thats pretty much out. you dont want to be seen so shooting you is out. no sensible player will use the RCXD so thats out.

wow, your idea would make you invincible. thats a great way to add BALANCE to the game.

i agree on some more sniper friendly maps, but definately NOT the kind of maps that your asking for

No, What I asked for is a sniping vantage point without a "Backdoor Death Trap". There are probably very few situations where a Sniper in a firefight will set up in an area that offers him no protection and that's what you have to do in this game. One place that is wide open in more than one area that you cannot possibly cover. Generally a sniper will set up in a wooded area with good camo and pick off people until someone spots them and takes them out with an airstrike in the general locale or by flanking/drawing fire. Not an invincible camping location, just a more realistic sniping location. It's not that hard to understand. I think it would be rare for a sniper to set up within the range of a SMG don't you?

I also wish there were more stealth elements to the game. For camo to actually work and there to be area's where if you spot an enemy you can dive to cover without being so blatantly obvious for them to see. If I am trying to stick to the shadows and reeds and someone else is running out in the wide open, I should win that battle more often than not.

And yes I use Ghost, Ninja, and Suppressor most of the time, but this does little on many maps to protect you.

In a world with thousands of shades of gray, why do we still see things on only black and white?
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i agree completely with your facts about a real sniper, but that cannot be implemented into a game due to balance. if there were invisible little holes for snipers to hide in, and the only way to take them out was to drop an airstrike, the snipers would be almost invincible in this game. the game does give you all the tools to cover your back tho - claymore, camera spike, motion sensor, decoy. thats 4 ways to protect your rear AND a flank while you look ahead, because you can link equipment together better than you could in MW2.

yes to more open fields of view for snipers, but no they should not get any special advantages for camo or hiding spots
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i do play stealth often. it is entirely possible in tdm. i get the "snake" feel all the time. you must be playing domination or something. hardcore games are also stealthy.

i dont know about you but i think there is plenty of room for stealth adn tactical play in BO
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M0byFish wrote:


RcSinger wrote:


Ohh, and Camo. From a respectable distance with proper camo, shouldn't it be near impossible for an enemy to spot me? Close up I see that the player should be readily visible, but from halfway across the map, I get shot by people at times that even from their killcam perspective, I couldn't see myself and have trouble understanding how they even knew I was there in the first place. Ghost, Ninja, Not firing???

Thats the thing about camping and killcams in this game. If you stay in the same place long enough, eventually people are going to "just know" where you are...

No, I don't even kill anyone. I just sneak to an area that should be pretty covered, lay down and look for someone coming around the corner such as on array, there is a rise with a truck or something with a clear line of site to the edge of the B flag around the building. There are no windows facing the area so there is not a threat from the 2nd floor. Should be a good place to pick off an enemy or two coming around the corner. But before I see anyone, I get shot by someone with iron sights whom I never seen. It's not a camping strategy, It's get a couple kills, then go somewhere else. But it doesn't work.
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pnoyRoss wrote:


you are one of those kids that can only get kills but camping their ass off and hiding in corners. i feel like treyarch did an excellent job pleasing all those camping whores by providing all the "Equipment" that promotes so much camping like camera spike, claymore, motion sensor, etc. In this game you can NOW have a grenade AND a camping equipment which is bogus for kids who know how to run around and get kills.

no, I hate camping. It P's me off when I get killed by a camper and the few times I have tried it myself, I never see anyone. On A couple maps and in a couple games (mostly wager matches) I will camp in a few choice locations (Nuketown) but in regular player matches, I am not a camper, and I am hardly a kid, with 5 kids of my own and a 10 year career, I think I have graduated from kid to adult. If running around in the wide open and shooting 4 feet in front of your target to rack up gunship killstreaks is your idea of a realistic war sim then I suppose the game is great to you. But I would prefer a little more tactical realism. The perfect balance between action and tactics is probably incredibly difficult to program and hats off to treyarch for doing what they have done. I personally would just like to see certain area's of the game improved to a more realistic feel.

Now, let's not jump off a ledge and start talking about guns jamming and respawning and all the extreme realism aspects. It's still a game, but the fact that players can run around in the wide open sprinting through the level racking up unbelievable killstreaks and players who try to use cover and tactics against that same player land a futile effort is rather frustrating. The game should appeal to all play types equally and offer advantages for strategic gameplay over a rampaging gameplay. I suppose that is not equal, but I doubt the most ruthless special forces soldier in the world would live very long running around in the wide open firing their weapon in every direction.
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B3hemoth wrote:


Honestly ninja is only good for SnD. No one sound whores in other game types.

I use ninja so I don't hear my own sounds. This helps me to focus on the sounds other people make. I think this is an underestimated advantage to Ninja.
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Call of Duty is for fast paced players, and Battlefiled is for players who like slower more relistic games. Plain and simple.
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MoMoony wrote:


There is plenty of stealth, most people just don't like to play that way. Few things beat Ghost, Ninja, a silencer and single-handedly flanking the enemy.

yup, this

its about as stealthy as you're gonna get, and its pretty damn stealthy

have your whole team running this setup and you guys will be INCREDIBLY hard to beat, in ANY game mode, being damn near invisible the whole game, especially against those hardcore mini map watchers. It forces the opposing team to have only visual cues on line of sights as to where you are, where you were, and where you're going to be next.

Its the stealthy way to go

oh and dont believe that b.s about no one sound whores, alot of pre-game/after game lobby talk is people talking about and comparing what headsets they use. And ever since they tweaked the sounds a bit (dont want to say COMPLETELY fixed, but it is a great improvement) headsets and soundwhoring has once again become an important tactic in gameplay.

my 2 cents

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