Bring back the 1911 .45

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The 1911 Colt .45 was one of the best side arms in both CoD4, and WaW, and, is even included in the bonus level after you beat the campaign in MW2. I think it was the best side arm in both games, and was on a completley diffrent level that the M9, UPS .45, or even the Desert Eagle. I would also like to see a Colt 6-shot revolver, one where you have to pull the level back every time, but has much more damage. I just want to see an old classic re-enlisted into the game, and hope it isn't overlooked.
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its a definite lol, best sidearm, ever, imo
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I think that it should be back. Although I didn't really like it in COD4 of W@W.

I did really like it in BFBC 2.
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