Bug I found in Black Ops that made me invincible

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I found a weird bug in Black Ops. I was able to shoot and move and even swap weapons, but I couldn't damage any players and they couldn't hurt me either. I also couldn't defuse the bomb, and I would assume I couldn't plant it either. I'm not 100% sure what caused the bug, but I think it might have something to do with a claymore I placed in a weird spot. Immediately after I placed the claymore, it disappeared. I placed it at the beginning of the round, so I'm not sure if the claymore just disappeared because of the bug or if it caused the bug, but I will experiment with it and see if it was what caused the bug. I have the game saved to my file share, but I'm not sure how to upload it anywhere. I will post with results from my experiment after I have finished it, and tell you if the placement of the claymore was the culprit.
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whatz ur gt so i can check it out.
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