Bull CRaP can't play!! Zombies

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Activison and there Dumb-@** idea who ever came up with the reason, behind you can't play zombies unless you log into the server. should be shot in there Big toe!!. I mean Why The Frock would you make it that way???. Don't give me the crap well it's to prevent hackers from screwing things up, there is no reason what so ever to make it that way for single player. I understand that you have to connect to the online zombies, We should still be giving the option to connect.If we want. What a joke,lol

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are u just stupid because i can play zombies solo without internet.also the servers are down becaise the hurricane. also do you not get the point of online play? if there is no server how the hell can you play online.they do give you the choice and servers arenot magical things that just exist from thin air.without activision you wont even have zonbies to playso shut it and wait because your not the one in danger of a hurricane.

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it works on xbox but not on ps3 so it is not the hurricane

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Are You retarded and can't read? I said !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SINGLEPLAYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! maybe I should have under lined it for you!!!!

Read Crap before you start calling people names..

And another Thing you really are a blankedy blank blank aren't You,lol

#1. First off did not say anything about the hurricane being the prob here!!!

#2. 2nd off it's for PC DING! DONG! since you like NAMES so much. And you have to log into the server (ping it wtf ever) to play single player Zombies for PC

#3. 3rd off go back to school to read the whole sentence and maybe take a class or 5 in comprehension skills,  they really need improvement also.

Thanks for your great feed back it was much appreciated!!!

Glad I got edited LOL

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