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I have purchased BLACK OPS 6 months ago. I wasn't playing it very often and only a few months ago i reached my first prestige lvl. Now however a problem came up. Every time i launch the game (with STEAM) i turns on normally and starts "downloading game content" and "downloading statistics". All seemed normal until those windows disappear and reappear straight afterwards. This caused me to loose all my levels and stuff. Yesterday i decided to play on thinking this could be the answer, but as soon as i got a lvlup i was informed that the data i corrupt and its returning me back to lvl 1. I have no problem connecting to servers, but the "downloading data"window keeps popping up throughout the game play. once during connecting to a server, then again while I'm choosing a class.

To clarify I have already reinstalled the game multiple times and have recently cleaned out my PC in case of infections being the cause of these problems. They weren't. Then i decided to play without an anti virus software and the firewall disabled. This is not the issue either.

My nickname is PINKFLAMINGO69. Please help me in any way you can, as i have not done anything that I could. The issue seems like it is some kind of downloading/connection problem. I have contacted STEM support already with this issue, but was sent back to you, as it is your support that deals with those issues. Please let me know if i can provide any more neccessary info, and please respond quickly.

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