COD PC freezes

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Hi when im running COD and it runs well until it crashes and when it crashes everything just freezes and cant do anything it happens at different times, it can take 5 mins and it could take 1 h.

Really need help, i've updated my drivers for my Geforce 7900 GTO but doesn't help, when the graphics resets and it runs on the lowest settings possible it doesn't help.
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this happens with me on dawn of war 2. I still don't know how to fix it and I bought the game 4 months ago!

sorry, but I can't think of anything apart from the stuff you tried, which I also tried for dawn of war 2. If your desperate, you could always try reinstalling the game, or you could post your problem onto an expert website like expert exchange(you have to be a member) or something. Good luck, hope this helped.
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