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   Listen you need  to make this game sound more real u want to have it screaming war sorry but this has to be added make it a little like battlefield and having it sound like the bullets are flying right past you that would make everyone love the game.  Also another big set up for this game is make your body run have noice to it like u can hear all the equipment rattling around that would also add some real war like exprience and the final one the most important in my eyes is make the sun glary because that  would add the perfect and final effect to the game and have sales going crazy..........

final commercial advertisment have many stars acctually having a gun running around shooting people like lebron or kobe and alpachino and aston koutcher or some girl celebrity u wanna make them want this game and make them go crazy for it that will make ur profit sky rocket

people please comment on this because i think these are great ideas for audio gameplay  and advertisment they should do that will get the people going what do u think????                     



ps one final thing add a building falling once in online gameplay and customizable people like there armor that would be crazy!!!!!!!!!

Xbox and Playstation are great consoles they are amazing no competition

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Re: Call Of Duty Black Ops II Must READ WILL MAKE ...

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If you want all that play Battlefield. It's a war simulator. Call of Duty is just an arcade shooter. It's like UFC and Mortal Combat. One is real one is just an arcade game. Graphics add eye candy but I'd rather play a game that works over a pretty game any day. Add dedicated servers and fix the lag compensation. People are tired of dieing behined a wall due to the delay.

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