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I am using the Xbox One S to play Black Ops (one) for the Xbox 360.  I purchased the Escalation 2 (en) map pack for the game a couple of days ago through the Xbox One market place on my Xbox One.  I am having issues with it working properly.  After installation, I went to play the game and the zombies map Call of the Dead is working for both local and online multiplayer.  The multiplayer maps for the online multiplayer aside from Zombies are working, but only for the game mode TDM.  FFA and DOMINATION, and other game modes are not working.  I have contacted Microsoft about this issue both yesterday and today and we have tested and tried literally everything that Microsoft has in their power.  They suggested I post this on the COD forum to get help with this and I am hoping, as they are, that the COD developers will either be able to fix this issue or refund me the $15 I paid for this map pack being that it isn't working properly and had caused me this grief.  Please, if anyone can help I would highly appreciate it.  I will be updating Microsoft on the out come of this endeavor as they have requested.  Thank you in advance to anyone who helps me with this issue.

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I’m having same problem.. I downloaded the third map pack for the original black ops and it won’t load online throws me into a lobby with maps saying “waiting for 5 people” but when I uninstall it. It works the normal way a count up to 100% from 0% and throwing me into a game.


$15.. wasted. No one cares about a decade old game anymore.

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try suppress the game saves & profiles, before reinstalling the game

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