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Call of Duty Future :)

Ladies and Gentlemen of Treyarch may be so you can be implanted something new inowacyjnego to the next Call of Duty to the next gene consoles ( PS4 , Xbox One , PC, and the like) thing applies to the MULTI mode Smiley Happy why can not we do jedej maps were in complete darkness , eg night in the forest and dark clouds in the sky obscured by the moon , and from time to time the wind chased by them, and then on your map did that as far as clear on how it happens and after a nights' by the time darkness fell again, so a map that players forced to temporarily calm and special additives to mount weapons like night vision or something similar ( but not night-vision goggles on your head lest it was stupid flying would have lost its charm ) to this one might be zainplantowac damage and destruction weapons equipment np.różnego kinds of accessories , collimators , telescopes , Trailed motion sensors and the like , imagine a situation where the sniper podzczas the last skirmish with the player umknoł death but did immolated in some spousub damage / zniszcyć his telescope , which sniper or each other class me looking through his telescope now collimator or whatever will still have the player bendzie had difficult task by ( broken , scratched, partially cracked or something like that ) telescope , the collimator will force the player to exchange weapons or fussing about damaged collimator telescope Smiley Happy it would be far enough hehe

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