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I recently got my Xbox account hacked and Cod Bo:3 was the main target of the hacker aparently. I had been on the grind for all my gobblegums in Bo:3 Zombies. I’m talking 50 Perkaholics, 123 Raindrops and more... but I had all that and more. I signed into my account and it was all gone. I was very pissed all my hard work gone. I will provide a list of all the gobblegums I had obtained over the years. It was all gone.

Missing gobblegums:

50 perkaholics

123 Raindrops

227 Immalation liquidation

281 Extra credits 

70 Near death experience

69 Self medications

27 Shopping Free’s 

46 Profit sharings

267 soda fountains

221 Flavor hexed

291 unquenchables

175 Cashe Backs 

46 Killing times 

Thats all I found in the screenshots of my gobblegums. I do remember having at least 245 of all the other I rarely used. I am so upset I was hacked please re-add all my hardworked for gobblegums. 17,531+ hours of gaming I do play on buying any other Cod black ops you and treyarch release. ( I’m working for money to buy Bo4 with all the DLC’s.


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