Character Customization for online play..

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Character Customization for online play..
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pito111 wrote:


Character Customization for online play..

Would be good?

Would be bad?

Is needed because...?

Care to elaborate?

My thoughts are, its basically been confirmed to a certain degree, though I don't think any devs have come right out and said "Yes you can customize your character". If there is customization, it should include accessories, headgear, and.... I dunno what else. It should be limited so that you can't dress up your character to look like the opposite faction that you're playing against, but enough customization that not every character is identical.
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I think you should be able to choose your look for each faction and unlock skins as you level up.
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I swear the part of the trailer where the soldier is reaching up to fire into the helicopter, it looks like it could be a woman.

Perhaps it's just wishful thinking on behalf of the ladies out there who game. I often wish they could select a female avatar to represent themselves in-game.

Granted, a bunch of d00ds would be running around as women, but it would be nice for the ladies.
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Hmmm, we seem to get a good amount of these everyday...

Anywho, I'm all for it and hope it is include in Black Ops!
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We should be able to disign are look for each class of gun, for each map. That way we can design ghillies for each map. Cause one universal ghillie doesn't work on every map. Plus you could design it to blend in with the area of the map you are most likely to snipe from. Just to clearify, in the options menu you could adjust your SMG suit for makin (to use a familiar name), your LMG suit for makin, your rifle suit for makin, your sniper suit for makin, your SMG suit for downfall, Etc. Very indepth. It would add it another interesting thing to this game.
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