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CoD-Zombie Legends

Hello all. Brand new and just getting started at CoD. While I may be an old fucker to most of you (I'm 57) I have always loved video games. I'm not looking for a complete step by step, I would love to hear some "beginners" tips on how to get into the game asap!!

Any help would be appreciated. (I'll keep u updated how the old guys does!!!!!)


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Re: CoD-Zombie Legends

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Work as a team. Buy Juggernog before hitting the box. Be aware of whats going on around you. Save a zombie at the end of the round so you can get stuff done.

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Re: CoD-Zombie Legends

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There are three main rules to remember, in order to have a great game...

1. There is a zombie behind you...

2. That shiny thing, it's not worth it, don't go back for it...

3. That zombie is still behind you...

Put these rules to use, live by them, you'll be in high rounds in no time...

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