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Slightly noob question but why cant PS3, PS4, Xbox and Xbox1 all be combined onto the same online servers to make one big happy family?  or at least across the same platforms i.e. ps3 and ps4? 

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Hmm. Well, on a similar note, McDonalds and Burger King can't really merge into one to bring one happy family. Not being insulting or sarcastic or anything. I think that's a fantastic idea  as well, but Microsoft and Sony, well, you get the idea. They're competitors. Anyhow, as for next gen, wouldn't make much sense, really, IMO, I mean, if Sony and Microsoft had the idea that both current gen console and next gen console would let both consoles connect to one another, what was the point of creating a new console with much improve graphics and everything improved if you can just have a much cheaper console and play with other players. Hope you got my point. Peace out.

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I agree with you however Sony and Microsoft are 2 different companies. But I think that's a good feedback you may want to tell Activision.

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