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Welcome to the official Call of Duty Community Forums!  In an effort to make this community the best that it possibly can be, we have enacted this concise Code of Conduct which we expect every member to read and abide by when contributing to discussion on these message boards.

All of the following are prohibited and will not be tolerated (whether in topics, posts, usernames, or other materials in the forums):

1. ADVERTISING: Advertising and soliciting other members to buy, sell, or view any product or service through the forums.

2. SPAMMING: Materials that are comprised of complete nonsense or duplicates of existing content.   As a member of the community, you should use common sense when posting.  Before making a new discussion, make sure that you have performed a thorough search to ensure that a relevant topic hasn’t been made previously. Spam has a serious impact on the community.

3. HOSTILITY: Materials that are knowingly made to harass, threaten, embarrass or cause the distress or discomfort upon another member of the Call of Duty community or any other individual or entity.  Always be respectful of your fellow members.

4. OFFENSIVE MATERIALS: Materials or language that others could reasonably find offensive, including materials or language that are profane, sexually explicit, involve hate speech (including racial, ethnic, or religious slurs), or relate to illegal drugs or illegal activities.  We believe that our intelligent members can make their points and offer their contributions WITHOUT the necessity of vulgarities or offensive content.

5. POST PUMPING: Topics or posts that serve no other purpose than to increase one's own post count.

6. CROSS-POSTING: Making several threads or posts of the same content across multiple mediums of discussion.  It is up to each individual user to select the forum which most appropriately fits the content. If you are unsure which forum to use, send a private message to one of the Forum Moderators.

7. CHEATS/HACKS: Posting of or discussing game cheats (unless deliberately enabled by the developer for players), exploits, hacks, multiplayer cheats, or anti-cheat countermeasures.

8. INAPPROPRIATE EXTERNAL LINKS: Links or references which lead to pornography, racism, obscenities, defamation, cheats, hacks, or any other materials that violate this Code of Conduct.

9. ONLINE/GAME BAN APPEALING: Posts created to discuss the merit of an online/multiplayer Call of Duty game ban, Call of Duty ELITE service ban, or the alleged innocence of a banned player.

What happens if I violate the community forum Code of Conduct?

Any violations of the Code of Conduct may result in action taken against your account.  Some violations may warrant an immediate account cancellations, and others may merit a warning in our sole discretion.

Forum Moderators reserve the right to modify, move, delete, censor, or otherwise manipulate the information you upload to our servers in any way we see fit in our sole discretion.  You agree that your contributions are original, and any text, video, images, or other assets you provide you own the rights to redistribute. In so doing, you are also granting the right to use and redistribute freely.

If you do not agree with all aspects of this Code of Conduct and intend to follow it entirely, please leave now and do not participate in this community.  Otherwise, welcome to the community and thank you for helping us make it a great place for gamers to congregate and communicate!

PLEASE NOTE: Nothing contained in this Code of Conduct is intended to conflict with Activision privacy policies, terms of use, service agreements, end user license agreements, or other legally-binding agreements that may be applicable to your use of Activision websites, services, and/or products (collectively, “Legal Agreements”).  All such Legal Agreements shall remain in full force and effect, and in the event of any conflict or discrepancy between this Code of Conduct and such Legal Agreements, the terms of the Legal Agreements shall control.

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