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OK dont spam this saying "look it up" because i did and found NOTHING helpful. WHY does Wii Black ops not have this kinda stuff? like really? is it that hard for a different styled Title to pop up n the screen instead of the standard one? might take up idk 550 kbs if that? same with custom it that hard either? its not like it shows up in kill cam but still its fun for the users enjoyment......ill have u know i dont give crap of what people think of my loadouts/ custom classes....ill own u with a python acog dosnt matter. im just here to ask why cant 3arc include a simple add on such as this?(simple for them not for me,, i dont want any comments saying aaarggghwaaa u try making a custom reticle on a FPS game, well u know somthing? i dont work a game designing company)
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we have no official explanation but its probably to do with time constraints
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