DLC not showing up?

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DLC not showing up?

I just got DLC packs 2, 3 and 4. Shangri La and all the mp maps show but the other maps (both zombies and mp) don't show up? In my storage they come up clean, no corrupt logo or greyed out. I've tried redownloading them but that hasn't seemed to work. Also when I'm connected to XBOX Live, all the map packs show up ON MY ACCOUNT, but when my brother signs and is the main account only shangri la shows up for him. offline shangri la only shows for both of us. I thought that it was because we were disconnected from live but how would shangri la show up? then i thought it's because i got them and he didn't but still how does shangri la show up? please has anyone got any suggestions on what to do as i'm getting really frustrated with this now

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