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yep 1 more, I'd say 90% of PC sales have left...soon nothing but the real men who love bugs will be left playing...LOL

please post your sources for your 90% number...unless you have solid undeniable proof of your claims your just as unbelievable and as the rest of these cats..and if your so bothered by this game..why are you sticking around these forums. Your life just that boring you have to hang around places your not wanted anyways??

hmmm 90% of pc sales have left...please i am really interested in seeing your links to your claims...I DARE YOU, to provide your sources for your information.

Hmmm.... how many PC sales?

Hmmm.... how many active servers and players?

Do the math(if you can)or live in your dream world...your choice
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I hate that anytime you try to contact a mod/admin/developer/customer support, they never reply or they give you the run-around.
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