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Damn Hackers

Hello to all the people out there.

I have a big problem. (in my opinion )

I really like to play CoD Black Ops on my PS3. I am a Prestige 13 now and want to get to Prestige 15,

get all gold guns and complete all the challanges.

Two or three days ago, i played Domination and i got in a game were i lost -3E^10 points.

So i decieded to leave the game, cause i am a honest player and dont want to boost or cheat.

After the game with the hackers i played i think 4 or 5 more games, and then i looked at my

completed challanges.

My Experience in Domination was -999999 but i prestiged so my experience is 0 again.

But the big problem is that my lifetime experience is -995817944/5000000 now.

It should be 4182006/5000000 (1000000000 - 995817944 = 4182006).

I have already played over 300 hours online and its impossible to get all my experience back

Does anyone know if i could contact anybody who is able to set my experience back to 4182006?

Thank you for your help and sorry for my bad englisch

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