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First of all nice new site! looks pretty sick nasty if you ask me. But the PHP debug errors at the top aint so sexy. Anyways The few things I would like to see multiplayer wise is a few controllable vehicles. the return on pro perks/ a Completely new set of perks well keep sleight of hand blue perk and stopping red. Then I'll be happy. Customizable killstreaks and much larger maps like BC2 sized. I know theres already several similar topics but this one should be more of these are your options more like whatever you want
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Site looks raw as fuck, hopefully the game is as good.
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Big maps are no fun to play i.e. alot of WAW maps...
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i liked the world at war maps, they were big but they had strategic

ways of movement so u could flank your enemy, nd hell yes the site looks badass
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The new design is indeed "nasty".
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couldnt disagree more. cod needs low kill streaks to minimize camping and this game is not built for huge maps its mor of an arcade style play that makes it more entertaining than bc2
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Killer0tter wrote:


Big maps are no fun to play i.e. alot of WAW maps...

If the maps are too big, than add more people to fill 'em up, that way there's more constant action.

Imaging playing the old Cage match on Afghan or Derail!

-Grassy Knoll
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