Does anyone else have this problem?

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Here's a scenario: You're sprinting and you see someone ahead of you and that person sees you too. You start shooting first aiming right at his/her chest area thinking it's a kill and then you die a second later. When you watch the killcam, it's him/her who shoots first and you're missing all of your shots. He/she comes out of the fight unharmed, 0 damage, even though both of you were aiming right at each other.

Hit detection? Lag? Both?
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Every game has it, it's just more apparent on COD because of the killcam
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Happens to me allot and i have good connection
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Bad hit detection/netcode.

I have this problem at least once a game in black ops, never complained about it at all in CoD4/MW2. My connection is fine on those games, my accuracy is similar in all 3 games.

Just hipfire, seriously, you'll win the vast majority of your gunfights this way in this game.
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