Dual Wielded Pistols Are NOT A Good Idea

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You can't even aim down the sights with akimbo.What's the problem.

What can't people get about this? It't not accuracy that's even an issue (pistols sucked at medium range to begin with and he "range loss" can be made up with a primary). It's that you are getting two damn pistols up close. Shotgun secondaries in MW2 werre useless from afar, were they balanced?
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I disagree on Realism. Yes, they do not Dual Wield or "Akimbo" in Military, as I believe you are not taught how to properly. But yes, it is possible to dual wield. I do know some military personel HAD Dual Wielded pisols, but its more like in panic, Cause once that happens, the only thing you think about is just trying to hit the attacker with a bullet.

Summary: People WOULD akimbo sidearms, but its very uncommon.
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I think they are balanced by the fact that if you are over 10 feet away, you won't get the kill. Apart from the Glocks in MW2 which did not expand the crosshairs when you akimbo them.
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Pistols are secondaries because they're to be used when you dont have any ammo left in your primary. Im pretty sure any primary would be geater than akimbo pistols anyway. Besides anyone smart will probably swap out their pistols for a primary they find on the ground. akimbo pistols is whatevs. nothing to get worked up over
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cod vietnam wrote:


i hope u cant do the magical knife melee whilst dual weilding like in mw2

That's exactly what I was thinking, remove the ability to knife when dual wielding. I mean how is grabbing the knife when both his are on his guns. I would also at least double the reload time as that would be an obvious drawback. Do this and nobody can justify their complaint against them. (they'll try anyway) I don't see at as a huge problem anyway
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imo the way to balance the akimbo on guns is to just remove the feature all together, or make the reload time a bit longer and also have soh pro disabled on guns with akimbo, tho akimbo and non akimbo kinda trade off with cqc and range with one another, its just too much fire power especially for a secondary weapon
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Lmao, Treyarch sure listens to the community, don't they? A 4 month old thread about how akimbo is bad, and they KEEP it in!
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SmokeCrackles wrote:


I already have a thread on the bull **** fact that you cant hit with shotties from far away

Someone has never played WaW or CoD4. You would realize that giving shotguns a lot of range is UNBALANCED.
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I personally don't use Duel Wield that much. I like having the ability to ADS. Even at medium range its easy to kill someone with a single pistol. With two, you lose the ability to ADS, which makes it only effective in short-range.
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